KTJ-3200 Close to Becoming Operational

KTJ-3200 Close to Becoming Operational 15 May, 2020

Gürcan Okumuş, who is the TÜBİTAK SAGE (Savunma Sanayii Araştırma ve Geliştirme Enstitüsü / Defence Industries Research and Development Instute) Institute Director, was a guest on live stream at C4Defence's Instagram account. Okumuş made important statements about KTJ-3200 engines.

The Presidency of Defence Industries had started a project to replace the French Safran production TR40 turbjet engines used in the SOM missile family with their local counterparts. The process, in which Kale Group was the main contractor, took longer than expected for some reason. The studies are about to be completed in the KTJ-3200 in the process where the problems solved. After the final tests, a verification launch will be made and the engine will go into mass production in 2021. Thus, the SOM cruise missile and Atmaca anti-ship missile will have a domestic propulsion system. Indicating that the necessary technological infrastructure is available, Gürcan Okumuş underlined that it is possible to make the desired changes in the range and warheads due to the fact that the critical sub-components are domestic.

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