Kuwait Declines Receipt of Caracal Helicopters

Kuwait Declines Receipt of Caracal Helicopters 18 February, 2020

Kuwait is due to receive 30 H225M helicopters, but it will not do so until Airbus investigates problems with the first two and reports its findings to the country's MoD. Airbus says the Kuwaitis have told it no such thing.

A Kuwaiti Ministry of Defence (MoD) says that it had refused to receive two Airbus Helicopters H225M Caracal medium-lift rotorcraft on account of technical malfunctions has been denied by the manufacturer.

On 12 February the Kuwaiti MoD said that it had suspended all deliveries "pending the conclusion of the committee's inspection of the problem and the receipt of the manufacturer's report on the malfunction suffered by some of the aircraft".  Airbus, however, is aware of the statement but not aware of problems.

Kuwait signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters to procure the 30 H225Ms for a reported USD 1.14 billion following a type selection that was made in mid-2015, and includes support and services. Of these, 24 will go to the Kuwaiti Air Force and six to the Kuwait National Guard to be used for combat search-and-rescue, naval operations, medical evacuation, and military transportation.

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