Super Tucano Replacement for L-39

Super Tucano Replacement for L-39 17 August, 2020

Ukraine, which reshaping and modernizing armed forces to increase capabilities, is planning to replace its jet trainers.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced that it is evaluating the future of L-39 aircraft. The Kiev government, which has been searching for a platform that will replace the platforms that have served the country for many years, visited Brazil last year and had the opportunity to examine EMB-314 Super Tucano there. Platforms, which can perform both combat and basic training tasks in thanks to their armament, also serve in the inventories of many countries. Ukraine, which found the data obtained in the reviews positive, started the evaluation process for the procurement of the platforms.

Designed by Czech Republic-based Aero Vodochody to replace the L-29 Delfins, the L-39 Albatros was developed in the 1960s. Approximately 2,900 of the aircraft, which are also the first trainer platform driven by the turbofan propulsion system, were produced and succeeded in entering the inventory of 30 different air forces.

Super Tucano Replacement for L-39

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