Land-Based Anti-Ship Missile Intend

Land-Based Anti-Ship Missile Intend 13 July, 2020

Land-based anti-ship missiles have replaced the coastal guns who successfully served in land defence missions against enemy elements attacking from the sea in the history.

Maintaining its existence under the threat of China, Taiwan put the coastal defence systems procurement plan on its agenda as part of its armed forces modernization efforts. Upon the recent PLAN Navy activities in the region, the Taiwanese Armed Forces has requested to purchase of the land-based RGM-84 Harpoon anti-ship guided missile. In a statement from Taipei, it was stated that the necessary official initiatives were initiated and the US response was expected. The systems are planned to be operational in 2023 if the sale is approved.

Currently, the Republic of China Navy and Air Force inventory has surface or air-launched variants models of the platform. The system, which has a 221-kilogram penetration high explosive fragmentation warhead, has a guidance system consisting of GPS, INS radar altimeter and active radar homing.

Land-Based Anti-Ship Missile Intend

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