Last ASW Frigate in Active Service

Last ASW Frigate in Active Service 11 June, 2020

The frigates, which are far away from their definition in the Second World War in terms of equipment, size and displacement, constitute an important striking force thanks to their technological equipment.

France continues its efforts to renew the navy and increase its capabilities. In this context, the French Navy announced that it was actively commissioning the FS Normandie (D 651) platform, the last anti-submarine warfare (ASW) frigate built under the FREMM Program. The frigate is the sixth platform of ships operating in the inventory of France under the name Aquitaine Class.

Laid down in 2014, then FS Normandie was launched in February 2018. The platform, which commissioned by the French Navy in July 2019, is 142 metres long. The total displacement of platforms is 6,000 tons. Frigates can reach 27+ knots speed. The maximum range of ships is 6,000 nautical miles at cruise speed have different weapon packages depending on the mission configuration.

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Last ASW Frigate in Active Service

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