HELIOS Step Towards Ships

HELIOS Step Towards Ships 17 March, 2020

The increase in asymmetric threats on the sea surface forces the navies to take precautions. One of these studies is laser guns. And they are at the top of the list because their cost-effective solution offer and they can be used almost unlimitedly.

The HELIOS (High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance) laser system, developed in cooperation with Lockheed Martin and the US Navy, is taking firm steps towards the operational usage phase. In the statement made by the USA, it was stated that the system started the critical design review phase and then the integration studies for Arleigh Burke class destroyers will be started.

HELIOS, whose first ship assembly will be completed this year, will be tested in the Wallops Islands in Virginia.

HELIOS Step Towards Ships

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