Roketsan's Laser Attempt

Roketsan's Laser Attempt 2 May, 2019

Operating in the field of guided and unguided munitions, Roketsan is expanding its product portfolio. The company is participating in IDEF'19 with its new products.

The company introduced the interception system called Alka. The system was developed especially against drone threats. It consists of two separate interception units. Alka has a laser system to burn the drone with directed energy beams, as well as a jammer and electronic warfare system to control it or destroy it by EW. Thanks to its radar, it can detect and track targets. The platform has a 4 km range for RF jamming, 1 km for RF destruction and 500 m for laser destruction. It can be used mobile or fixed. It derives power from a generator. It is equipped with a 1 kW laser system.

Roketsan's Laser Attempt

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