LCH Completes Weapon Trials

LCH Completes Weapon Trials 21 January, 2019


LCH (Light Combat Helicopter) indigenously developed by India has completed the light tests. The platform developed by HAL has left behind an important milestone.


The weapon tests of the platform, which is specially designed for high-altitude operations, were carried out in the test area in India's Chandipur District. 20 mm guns and 70 mm rocket launchs were also performed. The platform developed by HAL company's Rotary Wing Research & Design Centre is regarded as the only helicopter capable of serving in the area where Siachen Glacier is located. The LCH, which has a helmet mounted sighting system, carried out aerial-to-air missile launch during the tests. India announced that this trial was the first air-to-air missile engagement to be launched from the helicopter in the country.

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