Leopard 2A4 Again with Roketsan

Leopard 2A4 Again with Roketsan 6 September, 2020

Combining high survivability and mobility in Germany's arrowhead logic, Leopard 2A4 tanks were reborn with the touch of Roketsan. The armour solution package developed by Roketsan was unveiled during August 30th ceremony, last week without any additional information. This armour solution package was named T1. A week after this ceremony, the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) shared information and images about the tank on social media today. According to the information provided by the SSB, integration of armour package will be conducted at the task area of tanks in the field conditions. 40 tanks will be up-armoured at the first stage. The study on armour upgrade was carried out at the Roketsan Ballistic Protection Centre and the armour package was qualified recently.

The analysis of the armour package seen outside of the tank by C4Defence experts is as follows;

Due to its thickness, the armour is likely to contain a composite component. Including the turret sides and rear of the tank, and the engine compartment, it appears to be equipped with lattice armour, which provides protection against hollow charge ammunition. According to the image published by the SSB, the cage has a structure that can withstand multiple hits. The gun shield and the front and sides of the turret were presumably protected with composite components and their survivability was increased. The front upper part of the chassis carries armour likely to be steel layered composite. The level of protection has increased from the side of the tank to the engine compartment. In this framework, the existing skirts of the tank have been removed. The reactive armour package known as era may be integrated to increase the survivability of the crew compartment, which is the critical part of the tank.

Four of a total of 16 smoke mortars in 4x2, located on the two sides of the rear upper part of the tower, have been removed to make space for the fasteners of the cage armour. Instead of this, it is seen that there are two electronic/optical components in the upper part of the tower.

It shows that a new electro-optic has been integrated into the commander's section of the turret, which will inevitably lose mobility with this additional armour as the survivability of the tank increases. While the armour package is seen from the outside, it is not clear whether there is any change in the electronics inside the tank.

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Leopard 2A4 Again with Roketsan

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