Fire on LHD

Fire on LHD 13 July, 2020

The fire factor is perhaps one of the weak points of warships. This situation, which eats the platforms from inside, can lead to changes in the chemistry of the structural components, and great consequences such as shortening the service life of the platforms.

The US Navy was shaken by a fire on the Wasp-class USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD 6) amphibious assault ship moored at the San Diego Naval Base. It is stated that there was an explosion on the platform for an unknown reason at around 11.30 am local time and then the flames gradually spread. Upon the growth of the fire interfered by the ship's crew in the first place, the San Diego Federal Fire Department also began to support fire fighting efforts. Two helicopters affiliated to the Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron Three were started to operation with bucket on ship, which surrendered to the flames. Firefighters and ship crew members who were affected by the flames and heavy smoke were taken to the nearby hospitals.

The full displacement of the USS Bonhomme Richard platform, which is 257 meters long, is 41,000 tons. With the F-35B Lightning II operating capability, the ship has 9,500 nautical miles (17,600 km) operational range.

Fire on LHD

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