Liaoning to become Combat Ship

Liaoning to become Combat Ship 26 April, 2019

China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier will become combat aircraft carrier ship. The ship built during Soviet era and was anchored in Ukraine, named Varyag. China bought if from Ukraine to transform it allegedly to a  “casino” . Once acquired China stated that it will design it as a training and test ship, China's first aircraft carrier the Liaoning is starting to play a combat role following recent modifications and intensive training exercises.

China Central Television (CCTV) revealed details on the modifications, which happened during scheduled regular maintenance from August 2018.

The aircraft carrier has been equipped with upgraded arresting cables to provide a larger buffer capacity when aircraft lands and also extends the cables' life, CCTV reported.

The superstructure received a boost to its anti-jamming capability, and the flight control tower was enlarged so the crew members have more space for easier operations.

The propulsion system and power system also had several optimizations and improvements and they are now more stable and efficient, according to the report.

Other places, including the flight deck and pipeline system, also saw improvements.

China's second aircraft carrier is expected to be commissioned soon.

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