Light Combat Helicopter on Disputed Border

Light Combat Helicopter on Disputed Border 13 August, 2020

India, which has significant border problems with Pakistan and China, turns to special platforms for use in mountainous regions.

India, which has disputed areas at an altitude of higher than 3,000 metres in its border regions, is testing LCH (Light Combat Helicopter), which developed for use at high altitudes, in real conditions. In this context, it was announced that the two prototypes were deployed on the Chinese border, whose sovereignty is disputed. It was announced that the helicopters were based in Ladakh near the Actual Control Line in the Himalayan Region.

The platform, which has a 5,800 kilograms maximum take-off weight, has recently conducted an attack exercise on a target placed in the high parts of the region.

The LCH, which the Indian Air Force (Indian Air Force / IAF) is planning to acquire 65 and the IndianArmy Aviation Command is planning to procure 114, has a 500 kilograms payload capacity. It is stated that the platform, which can reach 550 km operational range, can provide air support to friendly elements even in the Siachen Glacier Region, which is located in the Himalayas and reaches an altitude of 4,700 meters.

Light Combat Helicopter on Disputed Border

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