Light Mortar Procurement

Light Mortar Procurement 8 July, 2020

Commando mortars are still preserving their importance, thanks to their indirect firing ability and the carrying firepower wherever infantry can reach.

Hirterberger Defence, which has a 160-year long history in the field of defence, will equip the French Army with 60 mm of commando mortar. An agreement was signed with Austria-based Hirtenberger Defense Europe GmbH as part of the program launched by the state defence procurement agency DGA (Direction générale de l’armement) in 2017. In the process, the total cost of which is specified as 17 million Euros, besides the 120 mortars, spare bipods, ballistic calculating computers, pointers as well as, training support and many ammunition.

The company has three smoothbore mortar solutions have 640, 895 and 1000 barrel length. Systems with an illuminated sight that allows use in night conditions, can send high explosive, smoke, training or illumination ammunition to their targets precisely thanks to their digital ballistic calculating computer. The weapon can shoot to 2,800 to 3,900 metres maximum range, depending on the barrel length.

Light Mortar Procurement

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