Lockheed’s Dual Mode Plus at trial 31 March, 2016

Lockheed Martin’s proposed alternative to the Boeing laser-guided joint direct attack munition (Laser JDAM) are being validated on a US Navy F/A-18 at the China Lake complex in California's Mojave Desert. The company wants this trial to be extended to F-16s one of the most selling fighter aircrafts. Dual Mode Plus bombs are a derivative of Lockheed’s Paveway II Plus laser guidance assembly, that transforms free fall classical "dumb" bombs into precision-guided, direct-attack weapons. “Dual Mode Plus” exemplifies Lockheed’s competition with its top competitors, Boeing and Raytheon. Its new guidance system combines a semi-active laser for terminal guidance with GPS-aided inertial navigation in the same Paveway guidance assembly. By validating the performance of Dual Mode Plus, Lockheed Martin hopes to build a case for competing directly against Boeing’s Laser JDAM, which has been in US military since 2008.

Issue 86