Approval for Lockheed Martin 15 August, 2019

U.S. Department of Defence said that Lockheed Martin has been awarded a $99 million contract for AGM-158 JASSM (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile) foreign military sales production support. The contract, which involves foreign military sales to Finland, Poland and Australia, will provide lifecycle support for all efforts related to JASSM in the areas of system upgrades, integration, production, sustainment, management and logistical support.


Weighing approximately 900 kg and capable of operating in all weather conditions, the AGM-158 uses an infrared seeker and GPS guidance kit to find its target. The missile used by the US Air Force on the B-1B, B-2, B-52, F-16 and F-15E platforms can also be used by the US Navy F / A-18 Hornet models.

Issue 86