French Mephisto to Lebanon

French Mephisto to Lebanon 28 November, 2018

Lebanon has received additional VCAC Mephisto armoured anti-tank vehicles supplied from France.

The new package received by the Lebanese Army was sent within the framework of the cooperation of the French and Lebanese armies. Former France President François Hollande announced the 40 million Euros cost cooperation agreement during his Lebanon trip in 2016. New package includes 10 VCAC Mephisto, 95 HOT missiles and two simulation systems.

VCAC Mephisto vehicles developed by France through the VAB platform can carry four ready-to-fire HOT missiles. Eight backup missile can be carried in vehice. Missile achieve a range of 4000. Missiles have SACLOS (Semi Automatic Command to Line of Sight) guidance system.

French Mephisto to Lebanon

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