M-20 Armoured Vehicle

M-20 Armoured Vehicle 22 June, 2020

Serbia, which has recently step up in the defence industry, is announcing its new platforms in advance.

Zastava TERVO, which is stationed in Kragujevac, introduced the new M-20 6x6 wheeled armoured vehicle. The Serbian Army's command staff attended the event, which was showcased during the visit of Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin.

The platform, which has automotive subsystems similar to Lazar and Miloš, currently produced by Serbia, was developed on the FAP (Factory Automobila Priboj) production 2228 chassis. The M-20 is resistant to small arms ammunition and explosives detonating under the vehicle. The hull of the vehicle is in "V" form, which dissipates the blast effect of the explosion. The M-20, which can carry 3+9 personnel, can be adapted for different tasks thanks to its modular structure. The platform also has a 12.7mm gun turret for self-defence.

M-20 Armoured Vehicle

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