M4K Recovery Vehicle Passed Tests

M4K Recovery Vehicle Passed Tests 24 January, 2020

M4K (Partially Mine Protected Recovery Vehicle), which will perform a recovery mission for wheeled vehicles, has completed its qualification tests.

The Presidency of Defence Industries made an announcement in its official accounts, "The qualification tests of thePartially Mine Protected Recovery Vehicle, which produced by MPG indigenously, has been completed qualification tests succesfully." A total of 29 M4K will put into Turkish armed forces inventory.

Developed by the MPG company in Konya, M4K will perform the tasks of rescuing vehicles that have become immobile for some reason. The vehicle, which is in 8x8 configuration, transfers the power it receives from the 600 HP engine to the wheels through an automatic transmission with torque converter. M4K, which has CBRN protection system, automatic extinguisher and suppression system, as well as shock-absorbing seats, prioritizes personnel safety. The vehicle, which can reach 80 km per hour, weighs 46 tons. Providing protection to personnel against light weapons and fragmentation as well as IEDs, M4K can move on a 25% side slope. Thanks to the boom crane, the platform can lift loads of 25 tons from a distance of 7 metres.

M4K Recovery Vehicle Passed Tests

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