M777 Tests to Continue

M777 Tests to Continue 18 July, 2018

India has received four M777 Ultra Light Howitzer (ULH) from the United States. Howitzers will be used in the firing tests. Trials was stopped because of the problem that was caused by faulty ammunition in September. The tests will be followed by shootings with ammunition produced in India.

In September 2017, the barrel had exploded during the shooting of local ammunition due to improper ammunition.

India has signed the M777 supply agreement with an amount of US $ 750 million. Under the deal, a total of 145 howitzers will be delivered, 120 of which will be produced at Mahindra Defence facilities in India. The remaining 25 pieces of M777s will be delivered two per a month and flyaway condition.

M777 has a 155 milimeters 39 calibers barrel and can shoot to 30,000 meters with rocket-assisted ammunition. India will also provide LINAPS (Laser Inertial Artillery Pointing System), technical support, training systems, engineering and logistics support from BAE Systems, along with the M777. The system has a combat weight of 4,130 kilograms. In this context, BAE Systems is also planning to invest approximately US $ 200 million in Mahindra Defense. M777 delivery is expected to be completed by the middle of 2021.

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