MBDA Unveils New Combat UAV Concept

MBDA Unveils New Combat UAV Concept 21 September, 2018

British MBDA has unveiled a new combat unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) concept designed to provide on-call, low-cost organic precision effects close air support for forward-deployed land forces.

New UAV is named Spectre and it is a tilt wing, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) combat air system concept. It is capable of quickly transitioning to forward flight mode for rapid traversal over complex terrain at low altitude.

Spectre can be equipped with either two MBDA Enforcers or a single Missile Moyenne Portee (MMP) multirole weapons system to address light armoured, soft-skinned and unmanned threats, or heavier armoured threats.

As currently envisaged, Spectre will have a cruise speed of 180 km/h, a cruising altitude of less than 100 m, and combat range in excess of 10 km with a flight endurance of more than 60 minutes.

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