Mbombe 4 at IDEX

Mbombe 4 at IDEX 18 February, 2019

South Africa-based Paramount Group,introduced a new vehicle during IDEX-2019'da. The platform, called Mbombe 4, has been designed in order to be able to be produced in domestic countries by customer.
As a new member of the successful Mbombe family, the Mbombe 4 has the flexibility needed for asymmetric warfare and anti-terror and peacekeeping operations in parallel with the need for increased protection. The platform, which has 70% common components with other members of the family, offers low logistics and maintenance costs with this feature. In the design of the modern battlefield, the vehicle is at the forefront of the requirements of the modern battlefield and provides the crew with the STANAG 4569 Level 3 level of protection. Mbombe also provides STANAG 4569 level 4a and 4b shock protection. In this way, the platform can withstand 50 kg TNT or equivalent explosive explosives that are detonating at the roadside. Thanks to the additional armour plates, the vehicle can be easily increased to the Level 4 protection. The 16-tonne Mbombe 4, which can drive up to 140 km / h, can operate under heavy desert conditions. The platform, which can be equipped with Eastern and Western production weapon systems and has different additional sub-components, can carry 3 tons of payload. Thanks to the central tire pressure control system, the vehicle can operate even in difficult terrain.

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