Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicle Agreement

Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicle Agreement 22 July, 2020

In parallel with the development of unmanned vehicle technologies, the armed forces of countries continue their R&D and procurement activities for platforms for different tasks.

The US Navy, which has been conducting research and testing on the unmanned surface vessels for a while, has signed a prototype development agreement with L3 Harris under the MUSV (Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicle) Project. One MUSV Prototype will be built under the contract of 35 million USD. The volume of the contract, which includes an additional supply of eight platforms, will reach US $ 294,508 million if all options are finalized.

The delivery of the prototype will be completed at the beginning of 2023 in the project, which was started with the aim of developing modular, autonomous and open architecture vehicles. The MUSV Project is aimed to be an important capability multiplier for the USA, which wants to exist with more platforms and fly the flag due to increasing threats in the world seas.

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Medium Unmanned Surface Vehicle Agreement

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