MEHS Boost to 'Yavuz'

MEHS Boost to 'Yavuz' 5 December, 2017

ASELSAN has successfully delivered the first system under 'National Electronic Warfare Suite' ('MEHS') project developed for YAVUZ Class frigates. The three-week field test program of MEHS-1 conducted aboard TCG Fatih (F-242) was successfully completed.

According to the information in the ASELSAN Magazine, the MEHS System consists of subsystems called ARES-2NC Electronic Support (ED) System, ASELSAN Decoy Launch System (ASELDAS) and Electronic Warfare Suite. MEHS is also the first Electronic Warfare Suite to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces.

The Sea Acceptance Tests were conducted in three test groups and thousands of data were measured in detail. The first group was decoy launch tests where the Electronic Warfare Suit reaction was measured. The second group tested capabilities of ARES-2NC ED System while the third the field efficiency tests performed with four test assisting platforms. The suite reaction of ASELSAN MEHS System was tested under ten different scenarios; In this context, it was observed that 11 decoys were successfully launched in manual, semi-automatic and automatic modes and the system had successfully broken its target's lock.

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