Optimum Ammunition Solution in Urban Warfare: 7.62x39mm 16 March, 2019

It is observed that today armed conflicts takes place in city centres and urban areas rather than fields and rural areas. This change in combat environments has compelled firearms and ammunition used by security and armed forces to evolve as well.

In line with studies conducted in this area, either new cartridges such as .300 AAC Blackout (7.62×25mm)1 were developed or, as is the case with the Israeli company IMI and its improvement of 5.56×45mm APM2, the performance of an existing cartridge was improved3. When the development of small arms is examined, the cartridge, then the designing of the barrel and bolt which are durable against the pressure and recoil force generated by the firing of the cartridge. Also according to cartridge sizes, the bolt traveling distance should be calculated and adjusting the firing rate of the firearm. And, the twist rate of rifling, which gives the gyroscopic stability, should be calculated. Furthermore, the bullet structure needs to be adjusted for the highest ballistic co-efficiency within the framework of aerodynamic rules and the designs required for maximum destruction at the target. This process requires both high-cost and long-term work. Another important cost is that the existing firearms in the inventory are compatible with the new ammunition.

Issue 86