Meteksan's Retinar on Border Duty

Meteksan's Retinar on Border Duty 3 April, 2018

Turkish defence company Meteksan has announced a new development on Retinar PTR on its official Twitter account. The radar that Meteksan developed for security applications such as environmental surveillance, environmental security, camp protection and border and coastal surveillance has entered the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. The radar, which the Land Forces Command will soon begin to use, detects people from four, vehicles from eight and big vehicles from 10 kilometres. Thus, infiltration or unauthorized transits to the facilities can be detected in all weather conditions.

The Retinar PTR can be carried in its special case by two people and remotely controlled via wi-fi antennas. The system, which provides images on two and three-dimensional maps and can be used with a very short training, can communicate with smartphones and tablets via mobile interface application.

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Meteksan's Retinar on Border Duty

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