Mig-29 on Facebook

Mig-29 on Facebook 26 February, 2017

A US company “Redfish Trading Company” sales Russian fighter planes on Facebook. Company offers planes to customers that are approved by State deportment. On Facebook page company profile reads, “We have available for immediate export: Mig 29 - 7 aircraft, SU 27 - 5 aircraft, SU 25 - single aircraft, SU 17 - 22 aircraft. Please contact Emil at or Jesse at

Company’s internet page gives more detailed information about trade conditions. It says,  United States State Department Directorate of Defense approval is required on all exports. NO EXCEPTIONS. We do service all NATO and Baltic States. We do NOT service the civilian market. We do NOT service countries listed on the US State Departments embargo list, terrorists or enemies of our State.”

Issue 86