MILGEM Record in Exports

MILGEM Record in Exports 5 July, 2018

Minister of National Defence Nurettin Canikli gave a good news of the MILGEM's in a press release. MILGEM Class corvettes were exported to Pakistan. Under the agreement inked today, Pakistan will supply four ships. Two of the vessels will be built at the Istanbul Shipyard Command, and two will be built in Karachi, Pakistan. All responsibility for construction work will be in the hand of Turkish Ministry of National Defence. The amount of the deal has not been announced, but it is said that the defensive backstop is over billion dollars.

Minister of National Defence Nurettin Canikli, so far Turkey is the defense industry at a time in the highest-numbered thrown signatures for export, he said: "Pakistan needed by the Navy 4 corvette tender was finalized and we have received this contract as Turkey." said. Canikli, which come within the scope of his official visit in Montenegro, said in a statement, Turkey, said the Ministry of Defense and the Turkish defense industry is experiencing a very important day. Pakistan's capital Islamabad, an important signing ceremony stated that the Minister Canikli carried out, "Pakistan four corvettes tender for the needs of the Navy ended and signed today. We have received this contract as Turkey. Once built four corvettes turnkey in Pakistan Delivery to. she said. Pointing out that the corvette systems will be indigenous, Canikli said: "The design and construction of these corvettes, MILGEM class corvettes have been localized and will be the construction of four warships to be used in turnover and domestic products in very large proportions. this same time. this aspect is also extremely important. Billion dollar is a project and Turkey in the international arena for the first time, we undertake the procurement of such a sophisticated project. It is a time more than six months was continuing negotiations, really very challenging and negotiations after a laborious negotiation process has been completed and signed today, we signed the signature. " Canikli emphasized that the winning bidder is very important in terms of showing the point where the Turkish defense industry is coming, Minister Canikli said, "Many powerful countries competed in this project and we did not have a rival. , MİLGEM class corvettes have won 4 of the tender in Turkey. " expression.

The first major compat ship export of the Republic of Turkey history, MILGEM is serving as an Ada Class in the Turkish Navy. The Turkish Navy supplied four vessels within the scope of the MILGEM Program, which started in 2004 with the need for corvettes determined by the Turkish Navy in 1996. First ships building works started in 2007. The ships with extremely low acoustical, hydrodynamic, infrared and radar cross-section area and also have an outer casing that reduces magnetic traces. The platform, which is 99 meters long and 14.4 meters wide can also serve in CBRN environments. She has one GE LM2500 gas turbine and two MTU 16 V 595 diesel engines and armed with one 76 mm Compatto gun, two 12.7 mm STAMP weapon stations, two four cell RGM-84 Harpoon anti ship missiles, one RIM-116 RAM air defence missile and two 324 millimeter twin torpedo tubes. The platform, which also houses many domesticcally developed systems, has a hangar that can operate a 10 ton class S-70B helicopter. The ship can reach 3500 knots range at 15 knots.

MILGEM Record in Exports

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