National Server Computer Ready for Work

National Server Computer Ready for Work January 24, 2020

Design, prototype production and performance tests of GÖREVSAYAR 40S, National Server Computer developed within the scope of Electronic Warfare Command, Control and Coordination System (WWCCCS) and Network Enabled Capability (NEC) were completed. It is foreseen that national server computer, which is developed to be utilised in Command Control Systems, Signal Processing Systems, Data Centres, Tactic Cloud Structures and High-Performance Storage Systems, will also be used intensely in future projects.

GÖREVSAYAR 40S, the first national server computer developed within the body of ASELSAN, comes to the forefront with its high processing power and top safety features. National server computer-generated following military environment conditions can provide 56 core processing power, GPGPU (General Purpose Computing on Graphical Processing Unit) support, advanced communication interfaces (10Gbit Ethernet, USB 3.0, CanBus, RS422/232 Serial channel interfaces) and permanent memory up to 768 GB RAM and 48 TB thanks to its configurable structure.

Thanks to specialised BIOS software developed within the body of ASELSAN with open sources, the system became entirely indigenous. And thus, measures against cybersecurity threats can also be taken before the operating system. National server computer developed in compliance with PARDUS, national operating system, can also run with other Linux distributions, Windows and derivative operating systems.

Issue 79