MilSOFT Salutes with National Software February 7, 2019

Operating in defence industry since 1998, MiLSOFT aspires to look towards the future with confidence, as it rises out of its ashes following a misfortune.

İsmail Başyiğit, General Manager of MilSOFT, the first company in Turkey with the CMMI Level 5 capability in software, shared with us the position of MilSOFT commercially as well as the stage where activities in the sector have reached.  

Maintaining that MilSOFT was established in 1998 to operate in systems integration and software development, Başyiğit continued as follows: “In the line of MilSOFT’s activity areas, we undersigned numerous major projects in defence industry. We embarked on trade with due regard to national interest; in time, we became the first Turkish software company to produce nationally critical software in defence industry using indigenous resources.”

Issue 82