Billion Dollars Patriot Agreement

Billion Dollars Patriot Agreement 3 May, 2020

The virus epidemic, which is effective worldwide, also affects the defence industry badly. Although companies have to revise their income-expenditure expectations, orders are not cut.

USA, one of the heavily affected countries in COVID-19, signed a new acquisition agreement with Lockheed Martin, one of the country's leading companies. As part of the USD 6.07 billion worth contract, the company will produce the MIM-104F Patriot PAC-3 (Patriot Advanced Capability-3) MSE (Missile Segment Enhancement) air defence system. The agreement that will be valid until 2023; includes missile, launcher and modification kits, associated equipment and logistic support items.

Contrary to the method of destruction with the usual explosive warhead in the air defence missiles, the PAC-3s provide destruction by hitting the target. In order to increase the probability of success, the missiles scatter 24 tungsten spheres and form a deadly cloud. This method, called hit-to-kill, offers even higher destruction at high relative speed conditions. MIM-104F air defence systems used in many country inventories, especially in the USA, can be effective at a 20 km maximum and 15 km altitude.

Billion Dollars Patriot Agreement

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