Mini Hit-to-Kill and MEADS: The Future’s Two Most Interesting Defence Systems under Focus 17 September, 2016

Lockheed Martin went public with the Mini Hit-to-Kill system for the first time in France in June. Intended for the defence of tactically valuable structures against short-range attacks, the system stands out with its flexible area of usage and low cost. As for MEADS, co-developed by the United States, Italy and Germany, this air defence system simply arouses curiosity: The United States and Germany allocate money; but why don’t they add it to their inventory? Why is Italy involved, given that it already produces SAMP/T for the same purpose? If it is truly superior to the Patriot, then why is there no demand in sight? We asked all these and many more to Lieutenant General (Ret.) Howard Bromberg, the Vice President and Deputy for Strategy and Business Development, Air and Missile Defence for Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Issue 86


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