Modernisation for Mirage 2000 Aircraft

Modernisation for Mirage 2000 Aircraft 20 June, 2019

Mirage 2000 aircraft, one of the successful single-engine aircraft, also included in the Hellenic Air Force inventory, will be modernized. Within the scope of the works called MLU (Mid Life Upgrade / Half Life Modernization), a total of 60 aircraft are planned to be modernized.

Engine and structural components will not be directly affected within the scope of the program weapons and avionics systems of platforms come to the fore. Only systems that will modernize the Mirage 2000D. Platform does not have a cannon internaly, will have the ability to fire cannon with MLU. Weapon system officer avionics will also be renewed on the platforms, which will also be capable of firing a 30 mm cannon, MICA, GBU-15 and mini smart ammunition within the pod. A 12-inch touchscreen was added to the rear cockpit. The screen allows instant traffic tracking, tracking, lock, fire control and monitoring of images from the pod. Platforms will be ready in 2021

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