Egypt's Frigate Agreement Not Finalized

Egypt's Frigate Agreement Not Finalized 13 June, 2020

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said the formal procedure process for two FREMM frigates planned to be sold to Egypt is still ongoing.

An investigation has been launched into the death of Giulio Regeni, an Italian student who was said to have been killed in Egypt after being tortured in 2016. Egypt's Interior Ministry said the student had been killed by criminals. Italy, however, claims Regeni was killed under the supervision of security forces. Because of Egypt's position on human rights, Rome is reactive to possible exports.

Italy reached an agreement for Bergamini-class frigates after meeting with the Egyptian government, an Ansa news agency reported. Government sources said the sale agreement worth about 1.2 billion Euros had been approved. Italian media reported that the frigate agreement was for the United Arab Emirates.

In May, Leonardo was confirmed to have sold 24 AgustaWestland AW149 and eight AW189 helicopters to Egypt for about €871 million.

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