Missile Protection to Presidential Aircraft

Missile Protection to Presidential Aircraft 29 June, 2020

Missile protection systems are vital for the self-defence of large-body aircraft which has low manoeuvrability.

Israel-based Bird Aerosystems has announced the delivery of an aircraft missile protection system to an African country. The systems that are stated to be integrated into the Boeing 737 aircraft used by the Presidency were announced as AeroShield and MACS.

The AeroShield Pod was developed for use in wide-body aircraft. The equipment consists Missile Launch Detection System (MILDS), Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor (MACS), Flare Dispenser and Inertial Measurement System. The equipment can also jam the guidance hardware of missiles with the company's SPREOS directional infrared countermeasure system.

According to open sources, Boeing 737 is in the state VIP fleet of eight countries: Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Morocco, South Africa, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Tunisia.

Missile Protection to Presidential Aircraft

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