Missile Trial of USA

Missile Trial of USA 12 March, 2020

The USA continues test launchs of new systems in parallel with the trials of the current missiles.

The test launch activity was carried out within the scope of the Precision Strike Missile (PrSM) program by contractor, Lockheed Martin for the US Army. In the test launch made from the M142 HIMARS launcher, which was preferred by many users, especially the US Army, the projectile followed the planned trajectory, reached 180 kilometers and succeeded to destroy its target. Within the scope of the test missions, the parameters of the projectile such as flight trajectory, range and accuracy were followed until the explosion.

PrSM, which can be launched from the M142 HIMARS and M270 MLRS platforms in the US Army inventory, can be effective at a minimum range of 60 km. As a result of the ongoing studies, an open architectural system structure has been adopted in the ammunition, whose range is aimed to reach 499 km. The modular missiles will be available with two ammunition per launch pod.

Missile Trial of USA

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