MKEK Calls For Cooperation

MKEK Calls For Cooperation 30 November, 2017

The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) meets subcontractor candidates to establish new collaborations. MKEK met with members of Defence Industry Cluster OSSA under the roof of OSTİM, Ankara today. OSTİM Chairman Orhan Aydın and MKEK General Manager Ahmet Taşkın made the opening speech at the beginning of the talks. Aydin noted that there were many qualified firms in OSSA within OSTİM and that they also export abroad and that it was very important to get together with MKEK thanks to such an organization.

Taşkın said the subcontractors were considered to be the liable producers and "calling them the main contractor would be more accurate," he commented. Reminding that they have met with other industrialists via similar organizations under the coordination of Undersecretariat of Defence Industries (SSM), General Manager of MKEK said, "We want to share our responsibilities with you. This responsibility is towards country's favor." Indicating that 30-40 percent of MKEK's business was shared with the main contractors, Taşkın stated that the ratio changed in terms of article share and financial share and that they wanted to double this ratio.

Reminding that companies should pay attention to quality and timely product delivery, MKEK General Manager emphasized that companies could find their place in the world with their competitive pricing policy and called for mobilization for all industries.

MKEK met with industrialists in Gaziantep, Konya, Istanbul, Kocaeli in the last few months in the framework of this study, which aims to reach the manufacturer directly. MKEK will continue this work in other cities after Ankara. According to the information obtained, MKEK has got together with over a thousand manufacturers. The plant managers attended the talks on behalf of MKEK. Nearly 50 companies attended the meeting held in OSSA.

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