MKEK'S 12.7 Gatling at Test Fires

MKEK'S 12.7 Gatling at Test Fires 10 September, 2019

Industry of Mechanical and Chemical Institution’s (MKEK)  Gatling type machine gun which can fire 12.7x99 mm BMG cartridge is at test shots. In the first test, Gatling was targeted to fire 200 rounds in 12 seconds. The test is completed successfully. The system to shoot a thousand to a thousand 200 rounds in 1 minute to pass firing tests.

The official name project is Development of Rotary Barrel Weapon System (Döner Namlulu Silah Sistemi Geliştirme/DNSSG). The Project aims to design the gun with three barrel capable of firing NATO cartridges. MKEK exhibited the gun for the first time at IDEF19.

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