Modernised Cida and Yatağan

Modernised Cida and Yatağan 2 May, 2019

At IDEF'19, Roketsan exhibits many new products. These products include two ammunition, Cida and Yatağan.

The missiles were developed for urban warfare. Yatağan is named after a type of sword while Cida is named after a type of spear. The systems were designed for environments where high impact sensitivity is of great importance. They stand out with their low weight and small size.

The design phase of Cida, whose project was launched two years ago, is completed and the flight test phase has been initiated. The fire-and-forget missile is equipped with a line of sight guidance system to keep the weight low. Cida can tolerate small vibrations caused by the user during aiming. The user needs to keep the target on sight for the missile to be able to hit it. One of the main criteria in the design of Cida was low weight and it has a remarkable weight of 10 kilograms. The system can carry different types of warheads and has low external damage. It can be effective in a range of 50 to 750 metres.

Developed to increase the firing efficiency of personnel, Yatağan was developed as a laser-guided miniature missile system. The missile, which can be effective in ranges beyond the existing traditional grenade launcher ammunition, can be used by one person. The laser-guided system, which can be routed to the target via a special compact laser marker, can be effective with high precision against different types of targets. The maximum range of the missile which weighs 1 kilogram is about 1,000 metres.

Modernised Cida and Yatağan

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