Modernization from India and Russia

Modernization from India and Russia 13 September, 2019


Delhi-class destroyers getting new radar and missile systems. India is to upgrade the radar and missile systems of its Delhi-class destroyers with help from Russia. Under the agreement, the MR-755 Fregat-MAE E-band air and surface search radar will be modernized.  An Air Defence Complex Kashmir will be installed as well.

The modernisation of Radar and Missile systems would substantially enhance the Air Defence capability of the P-15 Ships. As part of the scope of work under modernisation, major overhaul and refurbishment of sub systems would be undertaken in India. In addition, manufacturing of critical hardware would also be undertaken in partnership with the Indian industry.

Delhi-class vessels have emerged as the product of India's Project 15 project; India received considerable support from the USSR in the design of the destroyer.

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