Next Generation Ammunition to Modernised Vehicles

Next Generation Ammunition to Modernised Vehicles 11 July, 2020

The advances in the material, metallurgy and manufacturing caused an advancement in armour technology and hence the protection levels of the platforms.

The firepower of platforms is also increasing against vehicles with increased armour protection and survivability. In this context, the USA integrated a 30 mm XM813 Bushmaster main weapon into some Stryker 8x8 tactical wheeled armoured vehicle in the Army inventory. Following the new weapon integration, the platforms can use modern ammunition.

The United States signed an agreement with Northrop Grumman for the acquisition of 30x173 mm airburst ammunition. Programmable Fuse equipped rounds have three modes; point detonation, point detonation with delay and airburst. These projectiles maximize the effectiveness on the enemy elements by adjusting to the target type and distance in the muzzle.

In the statement, it was stated that the ammunition would be distributed first to the Stryker Dragoon fleet in the 2nd Cavalry Regiment stationed in Germany.

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Next Generation Ammunition to Modernised Vehicles

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