Modernised Bear on Trials After Overhaul

Modernised Bear on Trials After Overhaul 14 March, 2020

The Russian Armed Forces continues to modernize its systems. In this context, the strategic bomber power is also being renewed.

Tu-95 (NATO Code: Bear), perhaps the most iconic aircraft of the Cold War, will remain in the sky for a long time. The Russian Aerospace Forces continuing to upgrade the aircraft that have been commissioned as missile carrier platform in recent years, in line with today's requirements. During the modernization works in Beriev Aircraft Plant, the avionics and structural components of the aircraft are repaired and the necessary parts are replaced with their modern counterparts.

Tu-95s designed by Tupolev Design Bureau continues to fly under the name Tu-95MS after modernization. Equipped with counter-rotating propellers, the platform propelled by four turboprop engines.

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