New Face of Modernised F-16

New Face of Modernised F-16 20 April, 2020

Indonesia, which performed the flight of the first modernised platform of the F-16 Fighting Falcon upgrade programme in the past months, introduced the aircraft with its new face.

Indonesia, which started to modernize the F-16 A/B Block 15 aircraft in its inventory, shared the final livery the platform. Structural components of the aircraft have been improved as part of the Falcon STAR (Structural Augmentation Roadmap) and EMLU (Enhanced Mid-Life Upgrade) programs. In this way, the F-16s, whose fuselage lives were extended, were equipped with new generation avionics. The IFF (Identification of Friendly or Foe) components of the aircraft, which gained the ability to use JDAM munition with the Sniper targeting pod, were also replaced with modern systems.

F-16 Fighting Falcon, serial number TS-1610, which was the first platform to rolled-out line, was introduced at the event held on April 9, the 74th anniversary of the Indonesian Air Force. The platform was seen next-generation low-visibility painting, AIM-9X Sidewinder and AIM-120C AMRAAM air-to-air missiles. Later, according to Janes' report, it was stated that the weapons in question were captive air training missiles.

New Face of Modernised F-16

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