Modernised M60TM at Border

Modernised M60TM at Border 16 October, 2019

Upgraded M60TM main battle tanks (MBTs) fitted with Pulat active protection systems (APS) are deployed to the Syrian border according to social media reports.

M60MT tanks are fitted with ASELSAN’s remote weapon station and laser-warning receivers. Some of the tanks also have Pulat hard-kill APS.  Some of the tanks showed M60s fitted with Aselsan's Telescopic Periscope System (TEPES). Tanks are hidden behind an obstacle but can see remote distance tanks to TEPES. TEPES can measure up to 20 km with its laser range finder. Tanks have 360 degree observation system to provide close area observation to be used at urban warfare.

Modernised M60TM at Border

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