Modernized Ka-27M Ready For Delivery

Modernized Ka-27M Ready For Delivery 23 August, 2017

Russian Helicopters, part of Rostec State Corporation, has completed the whole set of factory tests of modernized multirole Ka-27M helicopters and ready to begin serial delivery to Russian Naval Aviation, Rostec announced yesterday. 

The helicopter is equipped with a new tactical command system that includes new acoustic and magnetometric systems, a radio reconnaissance system, an information computation system and an active phased array airborne radar station, providing the platform with all-around visibility and the ability to detect all types of ships and submarines as well as increased detection and destruction range. 

Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky has also made a statement at the Army-2017 forum about the multirole helicopter Ka-62, saying that it would receive an international certificate in 2020. Designed by the Kamov Design Bureau for cargo transportation, search and rescue operations, Ka-62 can carry out operations in a wide range of climatic conditions and can take off from both prepared and unprepared ground surfaces.

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