Modular MBRL on Tests

Modular MBRL on Tests 1 May, 2020

Artillery rockets evolve towards missiles with different guidance systems. The platforms, which have been successfully performing the suppression and destruction of enemy units in a wide area for many years, thus obtain the precision strike capability.

Serbia, which has a well-established technical infrastructure inherited from Yugoslavia, established a test-launch a new artillery rocket last week. The equipment, described as an advanced model of the Oganj system, was tested on the LRSVM M18 armoured vehicle. With a diameter of 122 mm, Oganj can reach 40 km. The new platform, which has two canisters consisting of 12 tubes, can launch 24 rockets in single salvo. Thanks to its modular structure, which can be ready for operation with the loading of filled canisters instead of individual loading, stand out as the first 40 km range test launch of Serbia since 1991.

Modular MBRL on Tests

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