Moore: Sales of Ocean to Turkey is Coop in Defence

Moore: Sales of Ocean to Turkey is Coop in Defence 21 November, 2017

British Ambassador to Turkey Richard Moore gave information about the HMS Ocean Helicopter Landing Dock (LHD) talks between Turkey and the United Kingdom. Ambassador Moore, who attended at the meeting of the Diplomatic Correspondents' Association as a speaker, told C4Defence, "There is probably a limit what I can say about that because it is a commercial subject and there are sensitivities about it. HMS Ocean anchored at Aksaz Naval Base in the days we passed. This ship will be coming out of service. As it is often traditional, they are looking to sell that ship. I understand there are deep negotiations with Brazil but I do not know how far in the process they are. If a contract cannot be signed with Brazil for some reason, and if Turkey is interested, the sale of the vessel to Turkey would be a cooperation in defence that we will support." Ambassador Moore replied to the question of C4Defence, "Can helicopters on HMS Ocean be part of the bargain?" he replied; "This technical issue is outside my expertise, but I expect helicopters might be used on board the aircraft carrier."

The UK Navy will soon have the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier in inventory and the HMS Ocean ship will be out of service. On board the vessel, AgustaWestland (now Leonardo) production AW159 and AH64 Apache helicopters are deployed. Both types of the helicopters are equipped for sea conditions. Turkey has 24 SH-70 Sikorsky Sea Hawk anti-submarine warfare helos, two AB-212 utility helos, and nine AB-212 anti-submarine warfare helicopters. The AW 159-type utility helicopter on board HMS Ocean is using the same engine as the Atak T129. Merlin (AW 101), Lynx Wildcat (AW159), Chinook and Apache helicopters will be deployed on Queen Elizabeth class carrier as well as F-35B STOVL Lightning II aircraft.

Moore: Sales of Ocean to Turkey is Coop in Defence

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