More 8x8 User to Europe

More 8x8 User to Europe 24 October, 2018


Slovakia decided to purchase 8x8 armoured vehicles. The Ministry of Defence’s 8x8 Vydra decision was also approved by the Council of Ministers. The Ministry of Defence announced that the inter-departmental assessments would be completed in next week on the proposal.

In the procurement process of vehicles with a customized version of the Finnish-based AMV vehicles for the needs of Slovakia, 16 companies which based in Slovakia will take place. In this way, domestic contribution will be kept at a high level. The unit cost of the vehicles is 3.33 million excluding taxes and 4 million Euros with taxes. Slovakia plans the procure up to 81 vehicles. The upper limit for the total cost of the program is 417 million Euros. Of this budget, 17 million Euros were allocated to logistic support, 65 million Euros to ammunition, 5 million to infrastructure and 5,8 million Euros to prototypes.

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