More Russian Submarine to the North

More Russian Submarine to the North 5 April, 2020

Russia continues to its studies for increasing its effectiveness in all seas it can reach. The Russian Navy continues to work to achieve its mighty Soviet days.

The statement made to the Izvestia Newspaper from the Ministry of Defence of Russia included information on the navy's submarine plans. In line with the new formation, the Russian Navy will deploy five Project 885 (NATO Code: Yasen) class submarines to the north. It was stated that RFNS Severodvinsk is currently in active duty due to the failure of RFNS Kazan auxiliary power systems, and that the five ships to be built under the submarine program, will be deployed in the Northern Fleet.

Deliveries of the Yasens, which the Russian Navy planned to build a total of seven, had to be completed in 2015. However, due to the economic problems, only RFNS Severodvinsk and RFNS Kazan could be delivered to the navy. It is estimated that the construction of two of the remaining platforms will begin this year.

The design activities of the Project 885s, the most advanced and expensive platforms in the Russian Navy, began in the Cold War period. The displacement of the platforms, which their construction process repeatedly delayed because of the economic problems; 9,500 tons on the surface and 11,800 tons during dive. The submarine, which can launch different types of cruise missiles, can carry 30 projectiles. Thrusting by the nuclear propulsion system, Yasens can reach 28 knots / hour in diving.

More Russian Submarine to the North

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