Motor Sich Defends AI-222 Turbofan Trade With China 22 August, 2018

Ukrainian jet engine manufacturer, Motor Sich, has countered an article published by The Washington Times on the former’s export of its AI-222 turbofan engine to China.

On August 15, the daily published an article where the author, mentions that "critics say the Trump administration should pressure Ukraine to halt the engine sales along with other military transfers to China." The publication reportedly criticizes Motor Sich's 2016 contract on the supply of 250 engines for China's JL-10 jet trainers.

In response to article the company says Russia has been trying to sabotage its business with China and even if the firm decides to stop the export of engines to China, Russia will still be able to supply similar engines.

"The author of the article calls for exerting pressure on Ukraine to refrain from cooperation with China, pathetically calling it 'stabbing in the back,'" the company said, predicting that if Motor Sich drops the contract, similar Russian AI-222 will be shipped to China.

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