Motor Sich to visit to Turkey

Motor Sich to visit to Turkey 18 September, 2020

A high-level delegation from Motor Sich, one of the most strategic companies in Ukraine, will attend to Saha Istanbul event. Motor Sich, one of the companies with the largest product family in the world in terms of engines to be used in air platforms, has been having troubling days regarding ownership for a long time. China got in contact with the Ukrainian owner of the company, but the US demanded this trade be stopped, stating that China will transfer technology to its own country. After the cancellation of the first sale, a second request for the company came from a Ukrainian partnered Chinese company in July 2020. Ukraine's Monopoly Prevention Committee gave a negative response to this request.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs from Turkey contacted several times with Motor Sich company but there was no progress. Following these developments, the company decided to participate in the Defence Aviation and Space Industry Fair to be held in Istanbul on November 4-7.

The AN-225 Mriya aircraft of the Ukrainian company Antonov take the first place in the list of the world's largest transport aircraft. In the past, Mriya became known for carrying the space shuttle Buran on the back of the plane in the space shuttle program of the Soviet Union. This aircraft, which is 185 tons and takes off with a total weight of 640 tons, has six ZMKB Progress D-18 turbofan engines produced by Ivchenko-Progress, designed by Motor Sich.

Motor Sich to visit to Turkey

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